Your requested application has been blocked by the GSK Application Filtering service. The application is listed in categories that are currently not allowed by the Web Review Board consisting of IT Security, Human Resources and Legal Departments.



To safely access Webmail or other sites blocked because they may pose a security risk, please use the following service: and follow the instructions.

If you believe this block was a mistake first try reloading the page, or if you have a business need for an exception to this policy, you can contact Help Desk to submit a ticket:
1.Contact your IT Helpdesk and provide the website name, URL or IP address (e.g. and details of the reason to block the site. Request without a detailed reason will not be granted. Misuse or sites for personal use should be dealt with by local management. Serious abuse should be handled by creating a CSIR.
2.IT Helpdesk or the user creates a request for the Perimeter team through INTEGRIFY (Integrify ( search for a Perimeter Change Request (PCR) or through Service Now (Business Service: Connectivity Service, CI: Perimeter Security & Compliance, Assignment group: PerimeterSecurityCompliance-L2)
For assistance, please contact your local IT Help Desk